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Sports Research and Analysis Methodology Analyzes research in the sport management field to help solve issues within the sport industry. Introduces different methods for conducting and analyzing research. Examines how research articles are organized to assist in both reading and conducting research. Discusses practical applications of research.

Thesis sport facility

This 51 year old male was referred for assessment and treatment of a 15 year history of chronic low back pain. He had been very active his whole life and had sustained numerous injuries playing a variety of sports including hockey and football.

He was also put on a variety of medications including courses of anti-inflammatory medications, tricyclic antidepressants for analgesia, and benzodiazepines with no relief.

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Physical examination identified laxity in his lower lumbar spine at levels L3, L4, and L5 as well as right sacrum. Concurrent examination by a manual orthopedic physical therapist national examiner demonstrated a flexion hypermobility at L5-S1, hypomobility at L, hypermobility at L, and right sacroiliac joint dysfunction.

X-ray from August of showed a grade 1 retrolisthesis of L4 to the L5 with suggestion of spondylolysis at L5 and facet arthropathy at L and L5-S1. After correction of the autonomic nervous system component of his pain with a German technique known as Neural Therapy five sessionsand Prolotherapy five sessionswith concomitant care by an experience physical therapist, his low back pain has been eliminated!

He is active at both at work and play, and is off all medications. This case emphasizes the importance of combined treatment modalities, Prolotherapy being paramount, to elimination of even long standing pain.

For many with chronic pain, they are told there is nothing else that can be done. They are told to live with the pain and cope as best they can. This is simply not true! In October ofI saw Freddie Smith with a complaint of at least 15 years of chronic low back pain that interfered with all aspects of his life.

He was told by a friend that Prolotherapy might be helpful for him. Quite a sum of money in a country with universal health care where people are not used to paying for any of their health care related expenses.

He was skeptical of any other treatments and was anxious about any injection therapies, especially when he had to pay for them. He presented with X-rays from that showed a grade I retrolisthesis or movement of one vertebra on another at the fourth and fifth lumbar level with associated X-ray damage seen of the facet joints at this level.

This is consistent with laxity of the ligaments at this level. Physical examination found tenderness to palpation at the levels of the third, fourth and fifth lumbar vertebrae as well as the right sacroiliac joint.

In Canada, a physiotherapist who takes additional training and examinations in orthopedic manual medicine manual orthopedic physical therapists is considered an expert in assisting in the diagnosis and recovery of patients such as Freddie. He was also seen by one of six national examiners for manual orthopedic physical therapy who found areas of hypo decreased and hyper increased mobility in his lumbar spine as well as various factors related to de-conditioning brought on by his longstanding pain.

Prior to beginning any injection therapies, I believed he would benefit from such care that would only enhance his response to Prolotherapy. While this treatment was ongoing, I began a course of five neural therapy treatments The area of treatment for neural therapy involved injection of 0.

These are areas of autonomic dysfunction. This German technique for balancing the autonomic nervous system is, at times, important to deal with the nervous system component of pain sensation.

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Once the neural therapy was completed, the addition of appropriate physical therapies primed the patient for success with Prolotherapy. This was done at monthly intervals, three times, and then again on two occasions five months later. At this point, Freddie no longer had back pain, was able to work and participate in sports and was off all medications!

His follow up X-ray report showed no associated retrolisthesis consistent with his absence of back pain! The two X-ray reports were interpreted by two different radiologists. At the time of this X-ray, the patient reported no pain and was able to discontinue his pain medication.

Thesis sport facility

Smith was referred to physiotherapy manipulative physiotherapist for low back pain from Dr. Banner, and at that time, had not yet had Prolotherapy. Using the patient specific outcome measure, where Mr.

On initial assessment, in addition to the hyper and hypomobile segments that were identified, the most striking feature was postural.

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His lumbar spine was always flexed. A length-tension and strength assessment of his lower quadrant found stereotypical weaknesses that are associated with a flexion pattern of the lumbar spine: On initial assessment, patient in his functional stance for hockey. Note the reversal of the lumbar lordosis.

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