The major changes that i have experienced throughout my life

Does your desire to make changes in your life come from wholesome motivation or unresolved issues? Sitting at my desk on a late afternoon in September, I watch the sunlight as it bounces off the leaves of the trees in front of my window, cascades down the serpentine steps leading to my office, and merges with the shade on the roof of the house next door against the backdrop of a clear blue sky. Between now and the end of the year, I will go through a similar experience each day as though the light were somehow part of me, yet outside me, the way a breeze feels on the face or the way water feels against the skin when sinking into a warm bath. The changing pattern of the light reflects the cycle of the seasons and reminds us of the preciousness of our own time.

The major changes that i have experienced throughout my life

Events that have shaped my life Make a list: Events that have shaped my life If you are a regular visitor on this blog, you know by now that coming up with a list of items is a stretch that helps you understand yourself better and contributes to your personal development.

The major changes that i have experienced throughout my life

If this is your first visit, please start from the beginning. Events in our life shape our thinking, beliefs and overall attitude. When I ask people about the things that have shaped their life, they come up with big things, mainly traumatic events that were hard to ignore.

I can relate to this too, because when I worked on my own list, the first things that came up were the big things — moving house, changing city, changing country, the birth of my kids, loss and painful failures. I did have some positive, wonderful, exciting events too, like the birth of my kids and winning prizes and awards, but there were not as many of them as there were hits.

Focusing on the big things is natural. However, I believe that the small things, the ones we neglect to pay attention to, may contribute a lot to how we conduct ourselves in a way that we hardly recognize.

The reason I am saying this is because very often, when my clients bring up their past and examine it, they talk about small incidents that were big for them at the time, even out of proportion. Think about it as if you were flying through an asteroid field.

Every asteroid in your path event in your life affects you in one of three ways: Has no impact, so you just keep going Becomes part of who you are and increases your mass energy, motivationso you keep going in the same direction, but smaller obstacles no longer matter Changes your direction If you understand that every event in life falls under one of these categories, you will agree we tend to ignore the ones that have no impact on the direction we take and notice more of the other two — the ones that give us a boost and the ones that change our direction.

Happy and Unhappy Events It is tempting to think that we get a boost from happy events and our direction changes from unhappy ones, but this is not necessary true.

Sometimes, unhappy events help us move forward faster and do bolder things. A great example of an unhappy event that motivates many people is the event of getting really sick.

This causes many to take charge of their life and finally do all the things they have only dreamed of before. An example of a happy event definitely one of my top happy events that triggers a huge change is the birth of your first child and becoming a parent.

I often say to my kids that having kids while studying is a big challenge, not because of money or having to go to work, but because of priorities. Before Eden was born, I was the best student — I did all my assignments, I passed all my exams with flying colors, I was an example student and did brilliantly.

The second she was born, I stopped caring about my grades and did not have to be the best anymore. Luckily for me, I had finished most of my degree in the first 3 years, I only had 2 courses to complete after Eden was born and one of my courses was practical and I was good at the practical side, so I did not have to put in a lot of extra effort.

I do not regret the change in my priorities and I do not regret that it took me on a different adventure, but this change was still caused by a happy event. When you make the list of events that have changed your life, you are writing a biography that is limited to events from birth until today that were boosters or changers.

It is important to recognize your perception of the events as happy or unhappy and also their rating of how strong they were for you at the time.

Going over events in a chronological order may help you uncover more details about your life. Go over memories from childhood. Try to remember things from as early as 3 years of age or even earlier. If you remember them, they were probably meaningful. Think of special birthdays and find some that were meaningful for you.

A birthday that has shaped your life, a gift you remember specifically, etc. Think of family gatherings. Family gatherings can be awesome and change life.

The major changes that i have experienced throughout my life

Holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.Sep 04,  · How to Handle Changes in Your Life. As part of our nature as humans, we normally do not like major changes and the fear of the unknown that accompanies change.

The "anticipatory anxiety" that we experience in the midst of important life 91%(34). - In my life, I have been exposed to a challenge called change. Change can occur in many different ways and is dealt with in many different ways. I have come to the awareness that change can be the deepest of all things.

Jul 09,  · 41 major life stressors Check to see how many of these life stressors you have experienced in the last year and find out just how high your stress levels are. 0.

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Although people believe that life is a random mix of life events, there is a pattern to how your life unfolds. And although you may not be able to change the major life .

Jan 23,  · Time often pulls friends in different directions, and when you have spouses and kids it only becomes harder to see each other.

That's why it's so important to soak up these moments when you have . An Experience That Changed My Life - Essay. An Experience That Changed My Life There are many experiences that shaped me into the character I am now.

Reflecting upon the many different encounters I had throughout my life, I remember my trip to India.

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