The holy spirit association essay

Download this Term Paper in word format. It indicates that he is set apart form all that is creaturely and corrupt, that he is distinct from this physical and fallen world. It affirms that God is not like humans, angels, false gods, animals -- or anything in existence. In short, we may say that there is no one like God, even though that statement has the obvious limitations of a negative sentence -- it does not by itself say what he is.

The holy spirit association essay

Heck July 21, This essay is no easy read. Brace yourself and be bold. It may not be for everyone. Reader discretion is advised. And today, it no longer makes sense, if it ever did, to say that God is with some and not with others.

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It is this that prompted his question. In asking about the Holy Spirit in Islam, he wants to know how God is with Muslims; and for him, as a Christian, it makes sense to pose the question in terms of the Holy Spirit. After all, it is in terms of the Holy Spirit that Christians understand God to be present to His creation.

But not all would refer to the Holy Spirit in thinking about other peoples and their encounter with God. Muslims would not frame the question in terms of the Holy Spirit. They might refer to the divinely oriented nature with which God created humans and which prophets embody most completely, especially Abraham and Muhammad.

The holy spirit association essay

In this view, others—Jews, Christians, Atheists—have beliefs that detract from the way our human nature in its original condition works to orient us to God, but this nature remains intact in some measure even when one is not a Muslim. Non-Muslims can thus live good lives even without the truth of Islam, though Muslims would say it is better for them to embrace it.

This would be but one way in which Muslims view others. The point is that religions have different ways of making sense of other believers.

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To be sure, some condemn others outright on the basis of their beliefs and doctrines even apart from their behavior. However, believers know that scripture is not so condemnatory.

It speaks of divine providence extending to all peoples. God is the creator of all. He thus cares for creation entire. Thus, even apart from beliefs, other peoples are not to be condemned. It is a Christian way of thinking. Still, one need not be a Christian to benefit from discussion of the Holy Spirit and its relation to other faith communities.

After all, spiritual realities are something we all experience. In addition to physical senses, we also have spiritual senses by which we grasp spiritual realities beyond physical ones. Not all want to admit this. Scientific evidence shows that people would prefer to self-inflict the pain of electric shocks onto their body rather than think quietly.

The University of Virginia conducted the experiment, and the results were published in July People prefer inflicting physical pain onto themselves rather than thinking quietly for fifteen minutes.

What does this mean? The participants were stripped of all electronic devices and placed in a bare laboratory with nothing but a button in front of them. This button, if pushed, delivered electric shocks to their bodies. They simply could not sit quietly for fifteen minutes without wanting distraction, and a painful distraction is better than no distraction at all.

But what were they distracting themselves from? The short answer is this: They were distracting themselves from themselves—from having to consider the movements within themselves that silence would force them to consider. Are they afraid of what they will discover there—that at the core of their being stands nothing at all?The Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity was organized in South Korea by Rev.

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Sun Myung Moon ["One who has clarified the Truth"]. Some sources say the organization started in Pusan; others in Seoul. Its followers are often called Moonies by persons outside of the Association.

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The Classics program at Holy Spirit Preparatory School is designed around an awareness of the historical significance of the Greek and Latin languages as foundations for the Western intellectual tradition and the history of the Catholic Church.

MEANING AND SIGNIFICANCE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT Well the term Holy spirit has been described in many ways by many scholars and different authors of the bible but according to my own view I tend to choose the meaning of the New International Version of study bible which Holy Spirit as a Counselor.

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Pentecostalism takes its name from the events of the Day of Pentecost recorded in the second chapter of Acts, which recounts that an outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the apostles allowed them to preach the gospel to a crowd in the native languages of the listeners.

•Baptism in (or with) the Holy Spirit is a very important, distinctive Christian experience in the life of the believer. The basis is found in the book of Acts, specifically the event of the Baptist preached baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins.

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