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It was downgraded to a post-tropical cyclone around 5 a.

St matthwew

Back that truck up over there. It's slow going, but the cast is notable. According to Fischer-Dieskau, Klemperer was failing at the time. But the recording is at least an historical document with some very good singing. Try the aria "Erbarme dich.

Yes it is slower. Yes it is not current with our understanding of correct performance practice of the time. But the backhanded commentary in the blurb on your recordings page does not fairly reflect the fact that this is a remarkable performance for all of the fact that it is slow and it is "old-fashioned.

My comments are apropos of nothing except that I think that the performance deserves a bit more respect. Bach in a very personal, reverent way- with much grandeur, which some of the faster "sewing machine" "authentic? Klemperer's way with Bach is unique - bringing supreme understanding to "one of the peaks of Western civilisation" Britten and "the noblest sacred work in existence" Elgar.

St matthwew

He would no doubt have agreed with Arrau - that speed can be the enemy of passion. The opening phrases prepare us for the drama about to unfold in a way alien to most "authentic" practices, one can sense Christ's anguish at the Last Supper as He offers His body and blood, and there is true sadness as farewell is bid to the departed Lord.

A source of inexhaustible inspiration - one of the finest recordings ever made. Not authentic, by any stretch of the imagination, but certainly heartfelt.

One example is the "O Schmerz" arioso and chorus where Klemperer makes Jesus feel terrible fear and agony. Another such example is the chorale "Wenn ich einmal soll scheiden" after Jesus has died maybe Klemperer was thinking about his recent brush with death a couple years earlier.

Also something most "authentic perfomers neglectBach was a power composer, and Klemperer brings out that aspect quite well. Many choruses in the St.

Matthew bring this out. The best example of a power chorus which is tailor-made for Klemperer is the chorus "Sind blitze, sind Donner", somewhat reminiscent of a football defensive lineman with a straight shot on a quarterback.

Although dramatically not comparable to Pears' later recording of the John Passion in English with Benjamin Britten, the voice itself is the ideal instrument for Bach's anguished narrator of the Passion.

The presence of Pears alone makes this recording worthwhile indeed, that is the very reason for my purchase of itbut the other soloists submit strong, deeply-felt performances of Bach's profound score. Ludwig, in particular, brings her accustomed operatic depth to her performance of her lines.

Klemperer lacks the dramatic clarity of Britten and Gustav Leonhardt, but the emotion with which he approached the contrasting sorrow and rejoicing at the Crucifixion is admirable.

In shprt, a brilliant, human reading of Bach's choral masterpiece. I like this recording, because Klemperer was the best Bach interpreter of his generation.

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His approach may not be valid any more - from a historical-scientific point of view. In my opinion it is powerful, without being harsh or rude, dramatic without being theatralic, logic without being frigid, after all it is slow thanks god without being boring.

I think, many of the "historically correct" interpretations are so fast, because they would bore you out of your mind, if they would be conducted just a little bit slower.

However, Klemperer said in interviews only some years before his death, that he never experienced that he would conduct slower, when getting older. Comparing time tables of his recordings, this is objectively not the truth, nevertheless his interpretation are always strikinkly reasoned and moving at the same time.

It is absolutely unsurpassable, even for people, who do not like Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, like me. Peter Pears and the 4 soloist completely reimburse for Dieskau's shortcomings. Thank you to the following for submitting this recording and for your comments:Check detailed reports for Post-tropical Cyclone Matthew using the new interactive storm tracker from and The Weather Channel.

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2 And, behold, there came a leper and worshipped him, saying, Lord, if thou wilt, thou canst make me. May 06,  · At 3 3/4 hours, this is without doubt, the longest St Matthew Passion on record.

Now, speed does not necessarily make this piece, and it is quite possible to take it too fast. Now, speed does not necessarily make this piece, and it is quite possible to take it too fast.

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