Risk management toolkit

The SRM Toolkit is used throughtout the world, by organizations of all shapes and sizes. It is designed to be of value to both the beginner and the seasoned professional. It has been acclaimed as both "the only risk toolset you will ever need" and "the ultimate timesaver for the risk manager". The SRM Toolkit was produced by some of the most highly respected risk management specialists in the world.

Risk management toolkit

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Safeguarding adults at risk of harm RCGPLearning Training Video Traditionally, it may be thought that safeguarding in primary care is only the responsibility of GPs and nursing staff, but patients can only be effectively safeguarded if all members of the primary care team work together.

In this short film, members of the team at The Spa Surgery in Harrogate talk about the vital role they play and how they work collaboratively to safeguard their patients. Capacity and the law The Mental Capacity Act in England and Wales Adults who lack capacity to make decisions for themselves are some of the most vulnerable members of our society.

The following resources give guidance on the MCA MCA audit tool for primary care [PDF] Adults with Incapacity Act in Scotland This act was implemented in and applies to adults over 16 years of age who lack the ability to make decisions for themselves.

This link provides information on the act for health care workers. Safeguarding legislation and background of the toolkit What is adult safeguarding?

The concept for adult safeguarding in England arose as a result of No Secrets: This document was produced as a result of abusive care at a series of homes for people with a learning disability in the Reading area.

A similar document was produced in Wales; In Safe Hands: Implementing adult protection procedures in Wales. Along with other national guidance these pieces of legislation clarify the roles of the three key players in adult safeguarding, namely social care, health care and the police.

Social care takes the lead in adult safeguarding but primary care is key in identifying adults at risk, and therefore reporting abuse or potential abuse to the local safeguarding adults team.

Patients lacking the capacity to make decisions for themselves are some of the most vulnerable members of our society. Watch this short video clip and realise what a difference you as a GP can make. The authors would like to thank all those who contributed to the production of this toolkit for their time, thoughts and enthusiasm for this project, and in particular: The item has been added to your basket.Risk management is an important function in organizations today.

Areas of Expertise Estimate Risk Once you've identified the threats you're facing, you need to calculate out both the likelihood of these threats being realized, and their possible impact.

Companies undertake increasingly complex and ambitious projects, and those projects must be executed successfully, in an uncertain and often risky environment.

This Risk Management Toolkit is designed to help you to manage your charity’s risks. Sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start and what type of risk management framework will work best for your charity – this is where we can help.

ISO Risk Management Toolkit

On a daily basis, the State enters into a multitude of contracts. Protecting the state from damages, or liabilities that arise from these contracts is a constant challenge for everyone involved.

Agencies should always start with a process of evaluating the risks of the contracted service or activity. Health Care Risk Management Fundamentals. ASHRM Health Care Risk Management Fundamentals: The essential resource for risk management, patient safety, insurance, legal, financial and other related professions in health care ASHRM Health Care Risk Management Fundamentals is a gateway resource for new and seasoned health care risk management professionals.

Risk management toolkit

Ready to use the Route Maps? Protocol development ; Funding and approvals ; Study management and closure ; Route maps are divided into ‘stations’. Click on one to begin the process of setting up, managing or finishing a research project. 20 April This report provides a toolkit that firms and supervisors can use to mitigate misconduct risk.

The toolkit completes an important element of the workplan announced by the FSB in to develop measures to reduce misconduct risk.

Risk management toolkit
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