Movie review of gladiator the movie

These actions prompt Commodus to challenge Maximus in the Coliseum with the fate of Rome at stake. Dove Review This sword-and-sandal epic is gruesome, graphic and gory. What the picture lacks is a well-defined evolution of the main character. Throughout, his only motivation is that of a man bent of seeking revenge for the murder of his wife, son and beloved emperor Marcus Aurelius whom we watch being smothered by his son.

Movie review of gladiator the movie

This film has great characters and the opening battle sequence against the Germanic tribes introduces our main character and puts the viewer in lock-step with his thoughts and actions.

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The rest of the movie is more than a man of honor that has been wronged and seeks revenge, but in a similar vein as Braveheart, the man grows and leads his fellow gladiators into a quest that is bigger than themselves.

The scenes of Rome are spectacular, and the arena fights are up close and personal. This is a film you will never grow tired of viewing. The HDR makes the picture look stunning with rich primaries and exquisite details in the texture of the clothing and stone surfaces.

Skin tones are spot on and the contrast is inky black and makes the picture look very 3D.

Gladiator Movie Review

Flames and other specular highlights look amazing. The UHD version of this film is the new standard. The first 20 minutes of the film has a cooler color palette, but the scenes in Rome are dazzling bright and warm.

The sound is demo quality with all the speakers engaged almost entirely throughout the film. Whether clanging swords are the roar of the crowd, it is all enveloping.

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The musical score by Hans Zimmer is every bit as epic as the film. Secrets Sponsor Extras These include: Ridley Scott introduction, the extended version of the film, Commentaries, Scrolls of Knowledge:- Proximo Summary The movie, set in A.D.

traces the journey of a man who goes from being a trusted army General to the Emperor of Rome to a Slave to a Gladiator who eventually defies the Empire to exact his revenge and ensure that Rome gets converted back into a Republic.

Gladiator (): Movie Summary In the movie, many things portrayed are the same as what really happened in Roman history. Some things though, are a little different in the actual history of Rome than in the movie.

Gladiator is the original soundtrack of the film of the same original score and songs were composed by Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard and were released in , titled Gladiator: Music From the Motion Lyndhurst Orchestra performing the score was conducted by Gavin Greenaway..

The album won the Golden Globe Award for Best Original Score and was also nominated for the. The movie looks expensive, but there is something else in Gladiator's visual style that keeps your eyes glued to the screen. The look of the film, with its mix of traditional, large- scale sets and CG enhancements, is almost dreamlike.

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This movie has all it takes to be the kind of classic it already is. Especially the gladiator fights are breath taking and stand the test of time, rivaling Ben Hur's great chariot race%.

Movie review of gladiator the movie

Essay on Movie Review of "Gladiator" the Movie Words | 4 Pages. TITLE: GLADIATOR PLOT: The story is about Maximus, one of the leading generals in the Roman army. He led the Romans to victory in a decisive battle with the Barbarians that ended a long war between them.

More about Gladiator Movie. vs History. Leadership Style in the Movie.

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