Meacock underwriting a loan

The total fell by GBP1. Other mutual assets stood at GBP1. These conclusions have spurred a raft of initiatives aimed at improving efficiency, promoting London more effectively and addressing regulatory issues holding back growth and the ability to innovate.

Meacock underwriting a loan

ET Central bank money inflated the markets for risky loans and the investment vehicles that buy many of them.

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Now, there are early signs of that driving force going into reverse. In recent weeks, a growing share of new borrowers have had to lift interest rates on leveraged loans to win over investors.

This might just be a touch of indigestion after several large deals to fund private-equity buyouts and takeovers, but some bankers think it is an early signal that liquidity is retreating from low-quality debt.

As these programs unwind, more traditional fixed-income assets, such as government bonds and high-grade corporate debt, offer better yields. The same loan will thus look riskier, plus there will be less funding available if investors who typically buy bonds leave the loan market.

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That is when refinancing risk jumps. The pushback on loan pricing began in spring, but has become more prevalent. Bankers had to lift the spread by 0.

meacock underwriting a loan

More recently, a string of loans have had to increase spreads by an average of 0. Something similar also happened to new issues of collateralized loan obligationsthe debt-funded vehicles that buy more than half of all new loans. Loan pricing may have moved, but other terms remain very aggressive, by some measures more so than in Debt multiples on private-equity deals are as high as then at more than six times earnings on average, but investors complain that these earnings are often flattered by things like assumptions on cost savings.

Also, the covenants that protect lenders by allowing them to act when things deteriorate have all but disappeared.

They mostly still existed in This could leave lenders little choice but to extend the life of loans on whatever terms borrowers can afford.

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Be careful what loans you buy now—you may end up stuck with them. The loan boom and its hazards This column is part one of a Heard on the Street series on what the end of quantitative easing means for risky credit.Lloyd's vision is to be the market for specialist insurance and reinsurance, where the world takes its risk.

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Find related and similar companies as well as key personal and contact numbers. The sub-underwriting closed on Monday, hours after the Prudential released the delayed details of its rights issue and offer, and the sources said demand was .

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