Kaufmans struggles in the film adaptation

Development[ edit ] Kaufman's idea of Being John Malkovich originated simply as "a story about a man who falls in love with someone who is not his wife. Either the movie's a bomb and it's got not only my name above the title but my name in the title, so I'm fucked that way; or it does well and I'm just forever associated with this character. Phillip Huber animated the puppets.

Kaufmans struggles in the film adaptation

Themes are the fundamental and often universal ideas explored in a literary work. Informing as the Correct Moral Choice Terry Malloy obeys moral authority by choosing to inform on the corrupt union officials—that is, in the film he clearly makes the morally correct decision.

Vicious doubt and derision about his potential choice affect Terry and all his friendships throughout the film, since the men are understandably concerned about their own jobs and their own lives.

The closing scene, however, changes these feelings profoundly. Their group action confirms that, deep down, they all wanted Terry to do what he did. All of the previous discord, then, merely generates suspense until this mass action plays out. The choice Terry makes to inform on the union officials echoes the choice Budd Schulberg and Elia Kazan made to inform before HUAC on former communists, but Terry achieves results that are far less morally ambiguous than the results Kazan and Schulberg achieved.

Kazan and Schulberg effectively blacklisted for decades many of their creative, intelligent, and politically active peers. However, many of his subsequent films deal with themes similar to those in On the Waterfront, whichsuggests that his HUAC decision haunted him, even in the creative realm, for at least a decade.

At the end of On the Waterfront, Terry is surrounded with people who admire and respect him. Kazan, though he built a successful career, was never fully embraced by Hollywood, and his own decision to inform stranded him in morally ambiguous territory.

The Transforming Power of Faith Edie and Father Barry, the two characters who most help Terry figure things out, have faith in something intangible. Edie maintains faith in her belief that people care about the well-being of others and want to do the right thing.

Father Barry maintains faith that acting as a representative of God can help others do the right thing. They both base their actions on these beliefs, and the film validates the value of living by certain principles.

Essentially, Terry redeems himself by justifying their faith. The other characters do not have faith like Edie and Father Barry do, resulting in a distinct dichotomy.

On one side are Father Barry and Edie, who have faith in concepts that are completely invisible. On the other side are the corrupt union officers, who have faith in money and power, acquisitions that are measurable.

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Though this delineation of good versus evil threatens to be overly transparent, the ways that faith changes Terry and forces Charlie to face his own moral wavering bring new depth and texture to the idea of what it means to be faithful and faithless.

Power Corrupts Though the film sympathizes with Johnny Friendly and his rough upbringing, it shows that his taste for power has left him morally bankrupt. This idea that power corrupts does not apply only to Johnny Friendly, however.

Upstairs, for example, turns on Johnny Friendly in an instant. In the game of power, the film says, there are no true friends, just the acquisition of more power and the defense of that power.Recapping our WGA strike coverage with more analysis and commentary by Jim Cirile Let me say up front that Coverage, Ink supports the WGA %.

The things the Guild is asking for are a pittance to the industry conglomerates.


Dan Stevens and Emma Watson in the new live-action adaptation of the Disney animation Beauty and the Beast. I watched Jim & Andy with Andy Kaufmans family Music, Film, TV and Political News Coverage Literary icon Joan Didion reflects on her remarkable career and personal struggles in this intimate documentary directed by her nephew.

Her first film was The Last Picture Show, also starring Jeff Bridges and Timothy Bottoms. The film became a critical and box office hit, earning several Academy Awards and nominations. The film became a critical and box office hit, earning several Academy Awards and nominations. The Wanderers is a American comedy-drama film written and directed by Philip Kaufman, starring Ken Wahl, John Friedrich, Karen Allen and Toni tranceformingnlp.com in the Bronx in , the film follows a gang of Italian-American teenagers known as the Wanderers and their ongoing power struggles with rival gangs such as the Baldies and the Wongs.

See Mikel Garcia, "Adaptation Strategies of the Los Angeles Black Community, " (Ph.D. dissertation, University of California, Irvine, ), for the coping strategies developed by L.A.'s relatively small African American population before World War I.

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Kaufmans struggles in the film adaptation

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