Hiv business plan

How could such a massive blunder come about and persist? The Footnotes include many URLs. Those refutations have been ignored or misrepresented but never effectively challenged. The principal author, Robert Gallo, may have committed scientific misconduct as well 751

Hiv business plan

Emergency situations such as civil conflict, war and displacement; Multiple sexual partners; Low rates of male circumcision; and Cultural determinants, such as cleansing. Urban populations are more affected than rural populations.

Consequently the most affected are the sexually active adults in the 20 to 39 year age group, the so-called producers and providers. High levels of adult deaths are leading to increasing numbers of orphans.

Households impacted by HIV and AIDS are likely to hiv business plan decreased or complete loss of income, disintegration of the household, increased school dropouts especially amongst girlsdisproportionate increases in household workload on girls and elderly women; all of which increases vulnerability to further infections.

hiv business plan

The Private Sector has experienced a loss of productivity due to illness, absenteeism to care for sick family members and to attend funerals, and loss of skilled and experienced workers.

The private sector is also increasing expenditures on health, disability, pension and death benefits, which contributes to decreased profit margins. Nurses and midwives mostly female not only have to treat ever increasing numbers of patients with inadequate resources, but themselves are more vulnerable to infection than ever before.

Rural facilities hiv business plan not have the infrastructure or institutional capacity for protective practices to be adhered to at all times.

The strain of the work and low pay is leading many nurses to seek better work outside the region. The Mining sector is overwhelmingly staffed by migrant men between the ages of 18 and 49 with lower levels of education. The danger and risk involved with daily work can mean that workers have a different perspective of risk to HIV infection.

The willingness of these workers to engage in risky sexual behaviour is encouraged by separation from family, higher income in relation to surrounding communities and the presence of brothels.

Once infected, they risk spreading HIV to their other communities once returning home. Costs incurred by the Mining Sector increase in order to cover medical benefits and insurance premiums. A diminished workforce may lead to food insecurity. Food insecurity may lead some to transactional intergenerational sex and sex work in order to survive.

Malnutrition diminishes the capacity of both the immune system and antiretroviral treatments for slowing the progression of HIV to AIDS.

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Along with AIDS-related illnesses and deaths, household income decreases, assets are sold, and medical costs increase. Children are likely then pulled from school to assist with household activities. HIV and AIDS impact the education system by limiting enrolments, the supply of education and the quality of education.

Children may be required to provide care to sick family members or siblings. Stigma experienced by affected children may result in fewer children able to complete their education.

There is a strong correlation between lower levels of education and increased risk of HIV infection of girls. Teacher absenteeism due to HIV related illness or to caring for family reduces quality of education.

Tourism may facilitate the spread of HIV both in countries of destination as well as countries of origin as some travellers engage in unsafe sex willingly or otherwise.

hiv business plan

Staff morale is also affected by stigma and discrimination. Sector costs increase in order to cover medical benefits and insurance premiums. Transport is of crucial importance for economic development since it facilitates economic growth and trade by connecting producers, suppliers and markets.

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HIV prevalence however, is higher among transport workers and in communities along transportation routes than in the general population. Many programmes are addressing the pandemic in the SADC region.As you think about opening a business, you may consider developing a business plan.

The guides and courses below can help you with this process. HIV/Aids expert.

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Dr Sindisiwe van Zyl qualified at the University of Pretoria in She is a patients' rights activist and loves using social media to teach about HIV.

A brief explanation of how HIV is treated (part of the Basics lesson for patients), from the VA National HIV/AIDS website. A brief description of how HIV is, and is not, spread (part of the Basics lesson for patients), from the VA National HIV/AIDS website.

That HIV causes AIDS has been the officially sanctioned view for about 3 decades, believed almost universally but questioned openly by thousands of people.

A comprehensive reading of the mainstream literature together with analysis of mainstream data demonstrates conclusively that HIV is neither a necessary nor a sufficient cause . 4 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY ost of Africa is in a well-documented crisis relating to poverty, war, lack of development, lack of education and disease, most notably the HIV.

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