Direct sales jewelry business plan

We found our home…. A little over 6 months ago, I placed this ad looking for people who wanted to change the industry with me. Our Company Launched in January and we were excited about the future.

Direct sales jewelry business plan

Thirty-One is more than just a purse Thirty-One Gifts is about so much more than just a bag. We are a family of individuals who share a passion for empowering women, and who are committed to celebrate, encourage, and reward others for who they are. A Thirty-One Consultant donated to our event and left catalogs.

As I flipped through the catalog over and over, I realized my wish list kept growing.

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Before becoming a stay-at-home mom, I was a full-time CPA working hour weeks. Thirty-One allows me to be the boss of my own business, and I determine what my work week looks like.

I have turned what was meant to be a hobby into a full-time career. In addition to the wonderful paychecks, I have earned many incentives such as electronics and a trip for my family. The relationships I have developed with not only my team but also with my Hostesses and customers have truly been a blessing.

My excitement for my business and the products is just as strong today as it was the day I signed up. Thirty-One can be whatever you make it…a hobby, a part-time job or a career.

The possibilities are unlimited.

direct sales jewelry business plan

I LOVE my job! You can also earn new products for free, starting right away during your first four months as a Consultant. For More Information, Please Contact:Find out how to work from home with a career in the direct sales industry.

direct sales jewelry business plan

If you're a self-starter, outgoing, and truly passionate about the products you're selling - this may be the perfect home business for you! Learn more here! If you’ve been thinking about launching a home-based business, and you love jewelry, style, and fashion — here are some direct sales companies that sell jewelry.

Deciding to Join a Direct Sales company can be a big decision, but choosing the Right Direct Sales Company can be a Life Changing Decision. Use this guide to find out how to choose a Home Based Business Opportunity that will work for you! BEAUTY & SKIN CARE Avon.

Sign up with Avon and sell cosmetics and other high-quality items. This is one of the few direct sales companies with a very low start-up cost, just $25, and one of the easiest companies to get started with. The Home Based Business Directory contains hundreds of MLM Companies, Network Marketing Companies, Direct Sales Companies, Party Plan Businesses and more.

Online business building tips for busy Direct Sales Consultants in the Natural, Organic Beauty and Wellness Products.

10 of the Most Popular Direct Sales Jewelry Companies