Business plan for startups template monster

Catherine Conlan Do you dream of starting your own business? A good plan will keep you focused on important goals and help keep you on message as you talk with potential investors, business partners, employees and customers. The Small Business Administration offers examples of startup business plans to research. While most startup business plans generally follow the same format, keep your audience in mind.

Business plan for startups template monster

The instructions and details in this post are based on Outlookbut they should work with both earlier and later versions of Outlook, except where otherwise noted.

MakeUseOf has a handy Outlook keyboard shortcuts cheat sheet you can download or print out. Among the most useful: Quick Steps is the killer feature Microsoft introduced with Outlook It makes short work of repetitive tasks, and you can create your own Quick Step actions.

Create a new item from your clipboard. Hat tip to fellow Lifehacker Walter Glenn for this tip and others in this piece: Copy any text to your clipboard, then in Outlook press Ctrl-V.

So instead of creating a new item in Outlook, and then copying and pasting text in, you do both in one step. Email Shortcuts Outlook is no slouch when it comes to sorting, filtering, categorising and otherwise wrangling your inbox to your needs.

Limit desktop notifications to only the most important emails. In Outlook, set desktop notifications only for those VIP messages. Flag messages — fast. With a message or two selected, jut hit the insert key to toggle the flag on or mark it done. Then click the "Advanced Options" button.

In the Rules Wizard, select "where my name is not in the To box" and then in the next screen, "move it to the specified folder. Use email templates to never write the same email twice. Tired of sounding like a broken record? Or, even quicker, double-click the OFT file from Windows Explorer to create a new message from that template.

You can also use text expansion to accomplish this across any program on your computer. Create search folders for your most important emails. What are your most frequently accessed emails? For any search you perform often, just save the search for quick access.

Click on Search Folders in the left navigation menu, select "New Search Folder", and then either use the wizards or manually customise the search to your specifications. Quickly save emails as files. If you want to save certain emails for posterity, you have a few methods at your disposal.

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You could also use VBA scripts such as this and these to automatically or semi-automatically save emails to your local hard drive as individual messages, freeing them from the.

OST file Outlook keeps them in. Having everything in one place has its advantages, but there are still ways to use all these features more effectively. Group tasks by custom priority.Free MMG Drum Kit Free Download.

business plan for startups template monster

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