Billy elliot film text reponse essay

Your written text could be a novel, poem, article, or autobiography. You will need to analyse the visual techniques used in the film, and the language techniques used in the related text, and how these techniques create and represent your ideas about change and growth.

Billy elliot film text reponse essay

This is shown particularly well in the film Billy Elliot, directed by Stephan Daldry. Throughout the film love and friendship is portrayed in a range of different ways as Billy, the main character, has a different relationship with each of the other characters.

The effective use of symbolic and technical film codes and the narrative elements; point of view, plot and characterization positions the viewers to challenge the stereotypical understandings of love and friendship. By applying symbolic codes the director has shown the relationship between Billy and his father Jackie Elliot to be quite unique.

Throughout the film the relationship between Billy and Jackie change.

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In the beginning Jackie is very easily worked up, about the miners strike and the loss of his wife. This anger he takes out on his sons forcing them have to act very tough.

In his time Jackie was a great boxer, therefore he wanted Billy to do boxing in order to become strong and fit. Throughout the film the director has used symbolic codes and technical codes.

Billy elliot film techniques essay

If the audience did not understand the relationship between them, the plot would be hard to interpret. This is giving every viewer their freedom to their own point of view. At the end of a film one is usually able to see interviews with the actors, explaining their characters and telling the audience what they liked best.

Billy elliot film text reponse essay

This was hard for Billy to understand as he was at the age where he always asked questions, and short-tempered Tony was not happy about it. If it were not for Mrs Wilkinson, the plot.English (Standard) - Billy ElliotIndividuals venturing into new experiences may encounter obstacles but may also gain significant rewards.


Billy Elliot - Essay

Jul 26,  · Thanks for that, My prescribed is Billy Elliot which i think would work good with this?.For our upcoming assigment. We have to make a video as an educational resource to demonstrate our understanding of MOD C using a related text and either talking about the process of transitions or the transitions of individuals into new social cultural or personal contexts.

in Stephen Daldry‟s stage musical adaptation of the film Billy Elliot (). After a brief discussion of the portrayal of the male ballet dancer in the dancing scene since the s and the inherent voyeuristic inclinations of contemporary audiences, the analysis will focus on five aspects of male presence in Billy Elliot the Musical ().

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‘Billy Elliot’ In the film ‘Billy Elliot’, 11 year old boy Billy is bought up into an economically repressed mining town without the care of his beloved mother. Insight Text Guides - The White Tiger is designed to help secondary English students understand and analyse the text. This comprehensive guide to the novel by Aravind Adiga contains detailed chapter and character analysis and explores language, genre, structure and themes. Essay questions and sample answers help to prepare students for creating written responses to the text. Expository Essay: Identity and Belonging. Home; You know the structure of a text response. An expository structure is different. In what ways is the expository structure different? one on Edward Scissorhands and one on Billy Elliot. 2. You should have another paragraph from a supplementary text of your choice or from the teacher Ten.

Using ideas and features of a prescribed text, reflect upon what you have learned in the module Telling Stories, Dialogue or Images.

Band 5/6 response 1 Stephen Daldry, Billy Elliot Band 5/6 response 2 Willy Russell, Educating Rita Band 5/6 response 3 Stephen Daldry, Billy Elliot. English (Standard) Paper 2 — Modules. GeneralInstructions • Readingtime – 5 minutes How does Krakauerachieve this in his text?

In your response, make detailed reference to your prescribed text. Question 7 — Film – Peter Weir, Witness Film – Stephen Daldry, Billy Elliot.

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